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We aim to resolve all of your injury needs as quickly and effectively as possible using our tried and tested protocol that is reinforced by the latest academic research.
A physiotherapist holding the arm and assessing the shoulder of a patient

During a formal discussion and physical examination we will diagnose and explain any injuries you may have, as well as what may have caused them. We will then discuss treatment options going forward while answering any questions you may have at this stage, to help ensure your complete peace of mind.

sports massage
Sports Massage is one of the leading therapeutic methods used today to aid recovery. It involves the release of tightness and knotting in muscles which can cause pain and restriction in daily and sporting movements.

Main Benefits 
  • Reduces Pain, Stiffness, Inflammation and other waste products
  • Aids Injury Recovery and Prevention, Power Output, Mobility and Circulation
  • Optimises Sporting and Work Performance
  • Improves Relaxation, Mood and Confidence in Movement
  • Reduces Anxiety and Stress
a patient walking with crutches while rehabilitating a leg injury
Utilising a combination of the treatments detailed above we will devise a rehabilitation program customised to you. By taking considerations of factors such as time constraints, physical capabilities, psychological barriers, and goals, we will not only resolve your injuries in our Injury Clinic but also give you the tools and information to remain pain free and healthy.

Main Benefits

  • Aids Long Term Health and Injury Prevention

  • Reduces Pain, Inflammation and Bruising

  • Improved Morale and Confidence in Movement

a man in a gym picking up a dumbbell
Corrective Exercise is one of the highest regarded forms of injury treatment in both professional opinion and academic research alike. Not only does it allow for functional strength improvements to occur alongside recovery but it also is an essential key to prevent an injury from reoccurring once fixed.

Main Benefits
  • Reduces Re-Injury Risk

  • Improves Muscular Strength and Bone Density

  • Promotes Correct Posture and Overall Long Term Health

  • Improved Morale and Confidence in Movement

close up of a hand adjusting acupuncture needles during a therapeutic dry needling session
Our dry needling utilises very fine, yet robust, medical grade needles which are inserted at certain points in muscle and tendon for therapeutic or preventative purposes. The hair thin needles help to keep pain to a minimum during treatment.

Main Benefits
  • Reduces Pain

  • Improves Movement

  • Aids Recovery for Muscle and Tendons

a doctor explaining a chart to a patient
Pain can be a significant burden in anyone's life, especially when that pain becomes chronic (long term). During appointments, we will help you to identify any potential triggers to your pain while also teaching you techniques on how to overcome them. This allows us to resolve the psychological side-effects to pain, such as apprehension in daily movements.

Main Benefits

  • Reduces long term Pain, Frustration and Apprehension in movement

  • Increases Confidence in daily activities, Mood and Sporting Performance

kinesiology taping application
Kinesiology Tape is engineered to stretch far past its original length in order improve joint stability, movement and localised circulation. This is done thanks to its 'Snapback' effect which not only lifts the skin but also helps hold joints together in a firmer and more correct position. Additionally it is designed to stay attached for 7-10 days, thereby giving it the nickname 'Second Skin'.

Main Benefits

  • Aids Posture, Joint Stability and Movement

  • Reduces Pain, Inflammation, Bruising and Edema

  • Improved Morale and Confidence in movement

graston technique application to a calf muscle and achilles tendon
Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation acts as a complimentary modality to Sports Massage. Due to its capability of accessing deep muscle and scar tissue, this treatment is particularly useful in addressing chronic conditions.

Main Benefits

  • Aids Myofascial Release, Recovery and Mobility

  • Aids in reduction of Scar Tissue, Pain, Inflammation, Bruising and Edema

TENS application
Electro-Therapy is a medical treatment that employs minute electrical impulses in order to repair tissue, reduce acute pain and boost the nervous system. These impulses help to maximise muscle fibre recruitment, which can accelerate goal progression, whether that be aiding recovery, strength, speed, mobility and more.

Main Benefits

  • Reduces Acute Pain

  • Boosts Muscle Fibre Recruitment, Strength and Movement

  • Increases Neurological Pathway Strength

cupping application
Cupping Therapy utilises suction cups to increase localised blood flow and circulation. Not only does this increase the natural healing response but the acceleration of lymphatic drainage helps to rid the body of waste products.

Main Benefits

  • Increases Localised Circulation, Lymphatic Drainage and Recovery

  • Reduces Pain, Inflammation and Bruising

a woman sat at her desk holding her lower back and neck in pain
Poor posture can cause muscular weakness and imbalances, thereby acting as a prerequisite to injuries later picked up during the rigors of sport. This risk will also be heightened by incorrect sporting technique. Therefore maintaining correct posture and technique is necessary to promote a pain free lifestyle, especially for those working in desk based or manual jobs where such issues are rife.

Main Benefits

  • Improves Posture and Sporting Technique

  • Naturally Reduces Pain

  • Improves Mood

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